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How to Earn Top Dollar for Your Greenwood Village Home for Sale

How to Earn Top Dollar for Your Greenwood Village Home for Sale

Selling a home can be a laborious and challenging endeavor. There are numerous variables involved, from hiring the right real estate team to getting all of your financial and legal documents in order. With so many things to consider when selling your Greenwood Village home for sale, make sure you do these five things to maximize your home’s potential and earn top dollar on your home. Read on to find out what areas of your home you should improve to increase the value of your Greenwood Village house.

Clean and declutter

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When you first begin the selling process, it may feel overwhelming and taxing. One significant way to combat this feeling is by starting to clean and declutter your home. First, clean your home from top to bottom and left to right. Begin with the major rooms of interest, such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathrooms, and then progress to bedrooms, attics, and basements. Use the correct cleaning products on different types of surfaces. For example, use glass cleaners for bathroom mirrors and windows. Spray cleaners can work for smaller areas, whereas large areas may require a mixture of cleaning powder and water.
While you are cleaning, start to declutter as well. Examine every shelf, drawer, and closet as you go from room to room. Sell or donate items still in good condition and throw away the rest. By getting rid of things, you are tidying up your home to look clutter-free. No buyer wants to walk into a home with drawers filled with odds and ends and closets crammed with boxes. Taking the time to clean and declutter these potentially problematic areas can help increase your home's value.

Paint and paint some more

After cleaning and decluttering, your home will undoubtedly feel like new. However, consider the walls and ceilings. Are they peeling or stained in various spots? If so, then consider painting the walls and ceilings. By painting, you can freshen up your home — it is incredible how a good coat of paint can transform the interior of a house.
Before you begin painting, however, know that certain colors will naturally complement and give off an excellent ambiance for the buyers. In contrast, other colors might come out looking somewhat off-putting and dreary. For example, though white is one of the most popular home colors, there are many shades and tones to this color. Cooler undertones of white can make the buyer feel unwelcome, and warmer undertones might make the home appear drab. To help you choose the best colors and tones for your home, consider walking through your property with your real estate agent, Lisa Snyder, who can guide you on the right choice of colors that buyers will fall in love with.

Focus on curb appeal

Whether a buyer is approaching your home from the street or viewing the home's facade in a posted picture, you want to make a great first impression. That is why you need to focus on curb appeal. Having stellar and captivating curb appeal can raise the value of your house by up to 7%.
Curb appeal is everything from your lawn to your front doors to your shutters. Consider hiring a landscaping contractor to help trim, prune, or even eliminate unsightly bushes and branches. Remember that mowing your lawn and planting colorful flowers can go a long way toward creating the look of a well-groomed and visually appealing house.
Don’t forget the windows, doors, gutters, shutters, and even the mailbox when working on curb appeal. As a quick and easy fix, you can paint these areas to help freshen up your home. Considering these things will ultimately make your Greenwood Village home’s curb appeal look enchanting and ready to be swept up by buyers.

Replace or update the flooring

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One essential thing you can do to get top dollar on your Greenwood Village home for sale is by replacing or updating the flooring. Because the floor is the first thing that any potential buyer will see when visiting your home for the first time, you should not skimp on its importance.
New flooring can give potential buyers a positive first impression of your home. In particular, 54% of home buyers are willing to pay upwards of $2,080 for new hardwood flooring. That is a considerable amount that can be added to the overall value of your home. It is easy to see why many Americans choose hardwood floors, with their durability and ease of cleaning, over carpet. Whether you decide to install hardwood floors in the central rooms of the house — kitchen, bathroom, living room — or all of the rooms, discuss this with your realtor to see what kind of flooring would be suitable for your home sale.

Price your home aggressively

Generally, the best way to price your home to sell (not just at the market price, but high) is by offering it on the market for about 5–10% less. By listing your home for less, you can create the ideal environment for multiple offers and a bidding war. When you list a home for sale, the price is the starting price and will most likely not be the amount you close on.

To help you find the right strategic price for your Greenwood Village home for sale, research competitor homes on the market that are similar to yours. You also want to know how the current real estate market is trending and whether it is a buyer’s or a seller’s market, as that can also impact how you list your price. To get an honest and holistic overview of what your home is worth, minus any substantial repairs needed, work with a real estate agent like Lisa Snyder. She can find the right starting listing price to maximize the earning power of your home.
Following the above five tips can help you earn top dollar on your home for sale and make the process less tedious. Decluttering and painting, improving curb appeal, and negotiating the right price can affect how much value your home will bring from a potential buyer.
If you are interested in selling your home with a qualified real estate agent, contact Lisa Snyder today. Formerly a sports broadcaster with ESPN and Altitude Sports, Lisa’s objective is to make every transaction a win for both parties. Work with Lisa and build a relationship that brings you home.

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