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A Relocator's Guide To Greenwood Village, CO

A Relocator's Guide To Greenwood Village, CO

Denver is the ideal place for Rocky Mountain living. Suburbs of the greater metropolitan area within commuting distance of a thriving, walkable metropolis that’s home to a plethora of businesses, culture, and entertainment. These neighborhoods are also located in the majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains with several state and national parks with impressive skiing opportunities only an hour away.

If you want to live in the heart of Denver, Greenwood Village real estate will be the perfect fit. Situated on the south side of the city within E-470, the neighborhood borders the popular Cherry Creek State Park, an excellent place to get outside and start your day with a power walk in the fresh air. If you were to buy Greenwood Village homes for sale, you’d enjoy easy access both to downtown Denver and the skiing, hiking, and other outdoor activities afforded by the nearby mountain landscapes.

Greenwood Village listing prices

Greenwood Village real estate is some of the most valuable in the area with the current median listing price at around $1,250,000. As the median was $799,000 as recently as December of 2019, it's evident that property in this neighborhood is a solid investment projected to only increase in value. Residential real estate is in demand throughout the country, and the Denver area is no exception.

This exceptional rate of value increase is indicative of how highly coveted these homes are. If you’re looking to buy real estate in a location that will afford an impressive return when it comes time to sell, you should consider Greenwood Village. You’ll be privileged with a high quality of life, enjoy Denver’s impressive and varied dining and shopping scenes, and a high sale price when you’re ready to offload your property.

Variety of Greenwood Village homes for sale

Homes in Greenwood Village range in size and price but all are complete with beautiful landscaping to complement the surrounding natural environment. Greenwood Village homes for sale often have oversize yards filled with plant life and make use of nearby lakes and ponds. The year-round beauty of the evergreen trees the Rocky Mountains are known for can be found on properties throughout this community and are considered a staple of local landscaping. Despite its proximity to the city, Greenwood Village real estate balances urban life with plenty of greenery and nature-inspired color schemes and designs.

Interior designs perfect for Greenwood Village real estate

The interior of the home should reflect its location. In Denver, this means style choices are inspired by mountains, evergreen trees, and freshwater lakes. A rustic design is a popular choice as it matches the atmosphere of the Rocky Mountains. Exposed wood beams, wooden floors, a stone fireplace, and dark colors cultivate the look and ambiance of a cozy wooden cabin in the mountains. When you buy Greenwood Village real estate, you have a canvas you can transform into anything you want and a rustic design will create a quality of life distinct to Denver.

However, just because you live in the mountains doesn’t mean your interior has to pay homage to the outdoors. Greenwood Village is still right outside the city of Denver, making it a perfect setting for a modern design as well. Make use of chrome in your kitchen and select furniture and decorations to create a minimalist yet comfortable living room. This can create an appealing contrast with the rugged outdoors and make your space appear luxurious and valuable.

Schools in Greenwood Village

The benefits of Greenwood Village aren’t just its beautiful aesthetics – it also features some of the best schools in the country with Cherry Creek High School ranking in the top 500 nationally and number twelve in the state. If you’re looking for a family-friendly community to raise your children, you can be assured they will receive a quality education in Greenwood Village.

For those who don’t have children and don’t plan to have any, Greenwood Village should still be considered a valuable real estate investment. Proximity to high quality, nationally ranked schools is a significant and one of the most reliable factors in determining a home’s value. This is partly because of its consistency – a fantastic school district isn’t going to change overnight. Regardless of external economic factors, quality schools will always be in demand and something you can use in order to ask for more when it comes time to sell your Greenwood Village real estate.

Buying Greenwood Village real estate

If you’re ready to start the process of buying Greenwood Village real estate, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a knowledgeable and trusted realtor like Lisa Snyder. Lisa and her team are proficient in the local real estate market and would love to show you Greenwood Village homes for sale. With skiing and national parks only a short drive away and properties guaranteed to increase in value, buying in this area will afford you an ideal lifestyle and a solid investment.

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