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4 Reasons Why Families Love Living in Centennial, Colorado

4 Reasons Why Families Love Living in Centennial, Colorado

Centennial, Colorado is a suburb of Denver on the south side of the city. Located near Cherry Creek park, this town is full of suburban neighborhoods that are great for anyone who is looking for an easy commute into the city or anyone who’s looking for a place to raise a family. Centennial real estate is not only a nice place to live but a good investment as the home values are increasing quickly. There’s a lot to like about the area, but here are four reasons why families love living in Centennial, Colorado:

Convenient location

If you’re looking for somewhere to live that is outside of the city but still within a reasonable commuting distance to downtown, Centennial is a great location for you. It’s only about a 20-minute drive to the center of the city. It’s also located right next to I-25. The same highway that you could take downtown to your job can be used to go on a weekend trip if you go the other way. Centennial is more or less right on the edge of the city, meaning there’s easy access to the city and to the highway to get out of the city.

Beautiful scenery

Photo Courtesy of AARP, Rocky Mountains

Centennial real estate is located in the suburbs, meaning that the homes are reasonably spread out. The homes in this town often have large yards full of green grass and trees. It’s a nice balance between the nearby city and the natural scenery one would expect when buying in the Rocky Mountains. The town is laid out in such a way that it bends around Cherry Creek State Park. Depending on where in Centennial you live, this park is within walking distance and is the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon hiking in the forest or start your day with a morning run. In the park is Cherry Creek Reservoir, which is open for boating on certain days.

Photo Courtesy of Hotels.com Australia, Cherry Creek State Park
Colorado is home to some of the most beautiful nature in the country, which is an added bonus if you’re an outdoors person, or just someone who likes great views. The nearby Rocky Mountains have plenty of hiking trails where you could enjoy your weekend in the fresh air. There are tons of nearby lakes, not just the one in Cherry Creek State Park, where you can boat or do other water activities in the shade of the Rocky Mountains. There are also some of the best ski slopes in the country less than two hours from Centennial. There are nearby slopes for you, whether you’re an experienced skier or just trying it out for the first time.

Great school district

If you’re planning on buying Centennial luxury real estate, you might be looking for somewhere to raise a family, which is common for people who want to live in the suburbs. You want your kids to get the best education possible, and Centennial is a part of Cherry Creek School District and Littleton Public Schools. Nearby Cherry Creek High School has been rated the #1 public high school in Colorado and also #1 among Colorado public high schools for college prep.

Being located in a quality school district is important not just because of the education your kids will get but because it’s also one of the most important factors in determining property value. Buying in a good school district is a good way to ensure that your investment is safe. Regardless of external factors like fluctuations in the market, the school district will likely remain as good as it is currently, which will help maintain the value of the surrounding property. People are always willing to pay more for homes in good school districts, so buying such property will ensure that you can make an impressive return on your investment when you eventually decide to sell.

Rising property values

Of course, people like living here because of the return they’re going to get on their investment in Centennial real estate. The current median home sold price is $627,500, and the median listing home price is increasing by 19% year-over-year. All this is to say that it’s valuable real estate and only getting more valuable. The median home value one year forecast in Denver is 21.5%. Homes in the area are rapidly increasing in value, so if you buy Centennial real estate and then live there for even a handful of years, you could make an impressive return when you ultimately decide to sell. It makes it really enjoyable to live somewhere when it’s not only a great town but somewhere where you know your home will make money. All homes appreciate in value, but the increases in value in this market are too high to only be attributed to that. There’s clearly a lot of demand for homes in this area, and that’s driving up prices.

The first step toward buying Centennial real estate

If you’re thinking about buying in this valuable Denver suburb, reach out to a knowledgeable real estate agent like Lisa Snyder. Lisa Snyder has lots of experience in the greater Denver market and will be able to help you find Centennial homes for sale that are right for you. Centennial real estate is in a convenient location just outside of Denver. It’s a suburban town but still has a quick and easy commute to downtown. Factors like the location, natural scenery, and incredible school district will keep the value of Centennial luxury real estate high. Home values are rapidly increasing, which means the sooner you buy, the likelier you are to get a good deal on your Centennial real estate. Once you buy, you’d only need to hold onto the property for a few years before you’re able to make a sizable return on your investment by selling. Contact Lisa Snyder today.
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