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13 Tips to Boost Your Greenwood Village Home’s ROI

13 Tips to Boost Your Greenwood Village Home’s ROI

You've made a great choice if you’ve recently invested in Greenwood Village real estate. Greenwood Village is one of the most sought-after areas we see inquiries for here at Lisa Snyder Properties. In fact, “Greenwood Village homes for sale” is one of the top searches that bring people to the Lisa Snyder website.

However, if you already have a home in Greenwood Village and want to increase your equity or get more out of your home’s resale, there’s some stiff competition. Here are a few ideas to make your home more attractive (and valuable) to people looking for Greenwood Village homes for sale.

1. Upgrade Your Kitchen

If sellers do just one thing to their Greenwood Village homes for sale before they list them, it should be a kitchen upgrade. Kitchens really do sell houses, but they can also send potential buyers right back out of the door. If your kitchen is older than five to ten years, it almost certainly needs an upgrade. Consider making changes like:
  • Upgrading your countertops to natural stone or quartz
  • Switching out cabinet doors for flat panel or shaker style if you have older, more ornate doors
  • Adding a statement backsplash that co-ordinates with your cabinets and countertops
  • Upgrading your sink to a farmhouse-style model
  • Upgrading your appliances and make sure they match – they should all be the same color and style

2. Add Curb Appeal with Landscaping

Any realtor will tell you that curb appeal is critical. If our clients at Lisa Snyder Real Estate consider listing single-family Greenwood Village homes, we always advise them to make the house presentable, starting with the exterior.

Adding a path to your door, cutting back overgrown shrubs and bushes, and framing your home with accent plants with a bit of color all go a long way in making your home look inviting to potential buyers.

If it’s been a while since your home was repainted, that might help to refresh the house’s look, too, and adding little touches like shutters or window boxes can go a long way towards adding charm. Just make sure that your upgrades to the exterior of your home make sense for your home’s style and design. 

3. Fix Your Driveway

While we’re outside, remember that one of the first things buyers looking for Greenwood Village homes for sale will see is your driveway. Consider having your driveway pressure washed if it is stained or discolored, and if there are cracks or visible damage to the surface, consider having it repaired or replaced.

4. Upgrade Your Fence

People buying Greenwood Village homes for sale expect the backyard to be as much of a haven as the home itself. Your backyard should not only be well landscaped and set up for families to enjoy, but it should also be perfectly private.

If your fence is looking old and tired, it’s time to upgrade. If it’s just discolored or faded, you could pressure wash and re-stain it, but you’ll need to replace it if it's damaged. Consider upgrading from a traditional wood privacy fence to maintenance-free vinyl or composite – both can be big selling points.

5. Change Your Flooring

As potential buyers walk through your piece of Greenwood Village real estate, they’re going to look down, and if they don’t like what they see, either an offer will not be made, or the value offered to you will shrink.

Some of the biggest flooring problems include different kinds of flooring on the same level, carpeting in bathrooms, and different levels of flooring. If you have any of those issues in your home, changing the flooring should undoubtedly be on your upgrade list.

These days, buyers of luxury homes expect hardwood flooring, carpet in limited areas of the house, and high-quality, beautiful tiling in bathrooms. If you have a rec room or children’s play space, high-quality vinyl tile that looks like wood grain but is more durable is acceptable. 

6. Update Your Bathrooms

Kitchens are at the top of this list, but bathrooms deserve mention too. Greenwood Village real estate with old or outdated bathrooms tends to sell for much less than similar homes with beautiful, spa-like retreats.

If your bathrooms are still functional, you don’t necessarily need to upgrade the fixtures – and reusing what you have can save you a lot of money. However, upgrading tile, replacing old shower doors and screens, replacing hardware, and installing new lighting and mirrors can go a long way to update tired old bathrooms.

Don’t be tempted to do anything too trendy or buyer-specific in the bathroom, as this is somewhere you don’t want too much personality! 

7. Refresh Your Deck

Another big selling point for Greenwood Village real estate is your deck – if it’s in good repair.

If your deck surface is still in good condition, pressure washing and re-staining might be enough to refresh it. If the deck boards are worn but the structure is good, it might be better to replace them altogether.

Upgrading to maintenance-free composite decking costs a bit more, but it can add value for homebuyers who are not looking for a high-maintenance home. 

8. Update Your Garage

Many buyers looking for Greenwood Village real estate are looking for a great garage, and there are several things you can do to update yours.

If your garage door is old and worn out, repairing or replacing it is an excellent way to refresh your façade. Servicing your garage door opener or adding one if you don’t have one is another great selling point. If your garage floor is stained from cars and other substances, cleaning and an epoxy coating can make your garage a dream space for car enthusiasts.

9. Roof Maintenance

Many buyers looking for Greenwood Village real estate know that roofs are big-ticket items, so they will usually look up to see if yours is in good shape.

Of course, that means that if your roof needs replacing or requires repairs, you might need to do that before you sell – or you risk getting lower offers.

Even if your roof is in good shape, having someone professionally clean it can make a big difference in how it looks. At the same time, have someone check all your flashings and other roof features to make minor repairs as necessary.

10. Update Your Basement

Whether your basement is purely functional with a laundry room, mechanical room, storage area, or a fully finished living space, doing a few minor updates can go a long way. Even a fresh coat of paint goes a long way in basement spaces. Make sure you have your furnace and water heater inspected before listing your property. Many buyers will want to know that your equipment is in good repair.

11. Declutter

When you’re trying to sell your Greenwood Village real estate, you want every potential buyer to imagine their belongings in the space. They can’t do that if it’s already packed to the rafters with all of your stuff.

One of the best things you can do when trying to sell your home in Greenwood Village or anywhere else is rent a storage unit and take all the excess stuff you don’t use out of the house. Only leave items that look great in the spaces you plan to show off, and if necessary, hire a professional cleaning company to clean your rooms from top to bottom.

12. Consider Staging

If you look around your space and it doesn’t scream “Greenwood Village luxury real estate” to you, it’s not going to say that to anyone who walks through to look at your property for sale.

Maybe your style is eclectic and bohemian. Perhaps you don’t think your furniture or style is as appealing to others as it is to you. Or you may have already moved, and the space is empty. Whatever the reason, professional staging services are another way you can get potential buyers to imagine living in your home. When they do that, you’re one step closer to an offer.

13. Find a Realtor You Trust

Good realtors are specialists. They sell one kind of home in a relatively small area. They know the neighborhoods, the buyers that want homes in that area, and the actual value of properties in the area are.

A good realtor can tell you exactly how to get more money for your home, and if you’re selling a home in Greenwood Village, Lisa Snyder is that realtor.

Lisa Snyder knows exactly what buyers and sellers want and need, with many years of experience selling luxury homes and condos in the Greenwood Village area. She can connect with the right people to help families find their dream homes and help sellers get the best possible value when they sell their homes. Contact Lisa today to ensure you have an exceptional agent by your side through your entire Greenwood Village real estate process.

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